Undercover Review | An Officer And A Gentleman

Way to go Paula, Way to go Regent

Suzanne is 42 years old from Ipswich, she is married to Richard and they have two sons Max and Oscar. Suzanne loves musical theatre and singing along to all the songs. She entered the review competition because An Officer and a Gentleman is one of her all time favourite films. Suzanne took her friend Jo, because Jo's always treating her and she thought it was time she returned some kindness. 

My friend and I were both really excited to be watching this musical adaptation of the iconic 80's hit film, our expectations were high and it didn't disappoint.  

The Regent, is a clean, bright and vibrant theatre in the heart of Ipswich, which shows a range of the theatrical genres.  It was very busy when we arrived, but the box office staff were very helpful & efficient and quickly gave us our tickets. The usher who showed us directly to our seats (which were very comfortable) was friendly and we had a great view from the front of the stalls.

The original story is of Zac Mayo joining the Navy to gain his "Jets" and falling in love with Paula, a local factory worker who wants to better herself.  The actors performed to a very high standard, we were particularly impressed with the chemistry between Lynnette and Sid, although we had to cover our eyes at the risqué bits!

The singing voices of all the cast were exceptional and made us feel quite emotional at times. Paula's voice was astounding, especially in her solo, which was pitch perfect.  The songs were familiar 80's hits which were cleverly entwined into the story. Songs such as Madonna's Material Girl, Alone by Heart and Bon Jovi’s Living on a Prayer

The staging was artistically designed and the changes were sleek and seamless. The videography and digital affects were a fantastic feature, which enhanced our enjoyment of the show, without taking our attention away from the acting. 

The famous final scene was very moving and produced cheers from the audience as Paula was gathered into Zac's arms and carried off the stage. The audience showed their appreciation of a truly wonderful show with a standing ovation. 

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