Staying Slim Throughout The Winter

The temperature has dropped and it’s clear to see Autumn (and dare I say, Winter) is approaching. We’ve worked hard and enjoyed keeping fit throughout summer, but now what? Don’t worry, we’re all guilty of taking a step back on the exercise throughout the darker months - the trouble is, now we’ve stopped, we will need to anticipate some weight gain - unless of course we do something about it. 

We have given you our top tips for staying healthy and trim in the upcoming slow cooker season;

1. Reduce calorie consumption. If you’re now going to expend (burn) less because of the decreased activity (exercise), then we need to reduce calorie intake to balance that scale, so to speak.

2. As it gets colder we are all susceptible to the flu, which can throw us off for a number of weeks in severe cases. Eat plenty of veg and broaden your horizon when it comes to food choices. Try all of the different kinds of potatoes, eggs, mushrooms, nuts, fish etc, and you will have a new range of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients coming in to keep you fit and healthy.

3.  Set yourself little goals. Statistically, we are more likely to attempt or succeed at something if we set achievable goals. Walk 10,000 steps per day, for example.

4. Exercise. Yes, it’s obvious; however, I mean do something you enjoy! The last thing you’re going to want to do when it’s dark and cold outside, is lace your running shoes up and plod away for 30 minutes. Don’t feel obligated to train six days per week: we’re all busy and the motivation will soon fizzle out when you’re on your fifth session of the week and it’s Friday. Go for something you genuinely get excited to do 2-3 times per week. A dance class? Boot camps? Home workout? 

5. Lastly, consider getting some support to continue your efforts. Accountability to someone is often the deciding factor for most people: having someone to keep an eye on ensuring you don’t slip up, suddenly makes you less likely to do just that.