Spirit Yachts

On a warm, sunny day in picturesque Guernsey earlier this year, Helen Porter caught up with Peter, the owner of the newly launched Spirit DH63, to find out more about his Spirit Yachts journey so far.

How did you discover Spirit Yachts?

I have known about Spirit Yachts for a long time, ever since they moved to New Cut East.  Before buying a Spirit, I owned an Oyster and often saw Spirits out sailing and thought how beautiful they looked on the water.

How did you decide what type of Spirit Yacht was the one for you?

I knew I wanted to have as big a boat as possible for an owner/driver to handle without needing any full-time crew.  My two primary criteria for Spirit were ‘pretty and practical’ and they have delivered on both.

One benefit of the DH63 is the deckhouse, as it provides shelter in any climate, and offers leeward views from the helm under sail.  I always knew I wanted a deckhouse, so Sean designed the elegant coachroof that dips and curves to suit the lines of the boat.

What makes Gwenhyfar so special?

From the crew to the hidden extras, the whole boat is very personal.  The little touches make all the difference, such as the stereo system and drinks cabinet under the armrest in the saloon or the hand-built tobacco leather deck chairs.  

How did you find the design and build process at Spirit Yachts?

I know every person at Spirit Yachts who was involved in her build.  They are a lovely team and it made the construction phase so much more personal.  The whole process was great, it was never Spirit on one side and me on the other; we worked collaboratively, often moving and changing things as the build progressed.  Our project manager at Spirit Yachts, Kevin Houghton, did a fantastic job and the craftsmanship on the boat is world class.  Spirit doesn’t just build what you ask, it’s a real partnership from the very beginning and I trusted their judgement implicitly.  

Finally, how would you sum up the end result?

She’s a cracking boat and stunningly beautiful.  I am enjoying every minute I spend onboard.

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