Spill Festival

SPILL Festival of Performance is marking its 9th edition with the theme On Time.

Over 11 days, the work of exceptional artists from around the globe - featuring live performance, sound, music, film and video, plus projects exploring heritage and place - appear in various venues and on the streets in Ipswich.

Robert Pacitti, Artistic Director, explains, ‘SPILL is bringing a packed, bold and adventurous festival to town, with art from around the world for everyone to enjoy. There will be gigs and films and parties galore. SPILL Festival has been lovingly crafted right here in Ipswich, for us all to share together.’ 

On the Waterfront, the large scale soundscape Clarion Call, a major co-commission with 14-18 NOW, marks the centenary of the end of World War One. The voices of women and girls call each day to the setting sun, broadcast with audio technology usually employed for emergency and control. Devised by Melbourne based artists Byron J. Scullin, Hannah Fox and Thomas Supple, Clarion Call stands as an ephemeral monument to the aftermath of wars past, present and future. But instead of unifying us in grief, the composition of reimagined melodies provides a moment in time for the community to come together in hope and reflection.

‘Block Magic’ - also on the Waterfront - is a constantly shifting playground structure made from up to 1000 coloured crates. The project is a collaboration between Pacitti Company and local architectural practice EDRM. Working with local children from four schools in the Ipswich catchment area, imaginative play spaces are designed then built daily as physical structures for young people to play in. Block Magic encourages young people to work together on design and build, enabling teamwork and confidence, using creative imagination to build their own physical and social structures. It’s huge, free fun!

PROCESSIONS was a mass participation artwork to celebrate 100 years of votes for women. It invited women and girls to be present in one of the four UK capitals: Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh or London in June and was inspired by the great processions of the suffragettes and suffragists in the years leading up to 1918, who marched to demand the vote. 100 of the banners, from all over the UK, which were created for these events will be shown as a free trail across the town including at the University of Suffolk Waterfront Building. 

One by one, over 9 days in the Town Hall, Forced Entertainment performers condense every Shakespeare play ever written into a series of 36 intimate and lovingly made miniatures, played out on a one metre table-top using a collection of un-extraordinary everyday objects. In ‘Complete Works’, the dynamic force of narrative is explored in a simple and idiosyncratic summary of Shakespeare’s comedies, tragedies, histories and late plays, creating worlds as vivid as they are strange. Tickets are £5.

On Thursday 25 October, the opening night of SPILL Festival, a Pyre Parade effigy will be revealed at Ipswich Waterfront before being placed in La Tour Cycle Café. For 10 days you will be able to take a private moment and write down bad news, before posting it inside the effigy. Bad debts, health worries, a sour relationship, or colouring in where you went over the edges – whatever the badness, feed the beast. If you’ve got anything to complain about - and who hasn’t? - get it out of your system and into the effigy. Then join the march from Ipswich Waterfront to Christchurch Park (Fonnereau Road entrance) at 5pm on Saturday 3 November, to noisily accompany the effigy, with mystical performers and a marching band, before engulfing the effigy in flames taking all the bad sentiment with it.

This only gives a taste of the work you can see, feel, take part in, and even drink at SPILL in 2018, with over 120 different artworks across more than 20 venues. About a third of the festival is totally free, a third of events are a fiver and top price tickets are just £10. SPILL Passes offer great ways to save across the festival and with events for kids and families, plus a late‑night programme for adults, there really is something for everyone.

For more information on the SPILL Festival of Performance visit www.spillfestival.com