Save The High Street

Join a campaign and make a difference

It seems that the news has been full of gloomy headlines about the future of our high streets and town centres. We are certainly in tumultuous times, but maybe we should see this as an opportunity to rethink things and make some positive changes to how we live, shop and interact with our communities. 

As part of a small business community I have been able to tap into many great initiatives both locally and nationally to raise awareness and engagement with our town centres. These are not exclusive to business owners and I urge you all to have a look at them, and maybe lend your support.

On a local level please check out www.allbaboutipswich; throughout the year they co-ordinate many events to showcase what we have locally - such as Forknight - and most recently over the summer the Seahorse Family Trail. The weekend of 15th and 16th August saw many of our buildings open to the public for Heritage Days, a great way to engage with the town centre and explore many of our hidden historic gems.

The Saints sadly did not make the shortlist for the Great British High Street Competition this year, but this campaign, run by central government, is a real celebration of what is great and good about our towns and cities. For more information visit

A campaign I have been recently inspired by and have become involved with is This campaign aims to encourage people to buy from designer/makers and independent galleries and shops by reinforcing the message that all purchases however small, even ‘just a card’ are so vital to the prosperity and survival of small businesses. Simply follow @justacard on twitter and Instagram, retweet and spread the word. Look out for the window stickers just like mine.

So, don’t just talk about it: get involved online and on the high street. 

Set yourself a challenge this Christmas to buy all your presents locally, and help support local independent businesses such as those on The Saints.