Moda Maschile

Having had my own shops for over 25 years - and my own fashion brand of Antonio Bellini for the last 12 years - it is true that I do have a vested interest in improving the look of our male population. But really, it is much more than this, as I would so like to bring back just that little more style to all of our lives!

italian shirt shop, ipswich

As I am sure you have noticed, the magazine shelves are stacked with women’s fashion magazines and, yes - a few magazines targeted at younger people. 

Well, unashamedly, my future articles are targeted at the over-30s; of course, most young people have their own ideas of what looks good, but as we get older and our body shape changes, we need to have that little bit of sophistication that perhaps wasn’t as important when we were younger.

Having enjoyed a life surrounded by mostly well-dressed people, I now find it sad that so few people have pride in their appearance. It now seems that people make a considerable effort to look as untidy as possible!

Of course, this is only my own observation, and yes; some people may be offended that I hold so much importance in appearance, as of course there are so many more important things in life to think about! But in my own view, with just a little more effort we could all look so much better. So, over the next few months, we can look into making small changes in our appearance so as to bring just a little more style into our lives.