Introducing Culinary Concepts of London

Culinary Concepts of London are an established brand offering stunning products that we have sold in The House In Town & Merchant House Interiors for years, here in St. Peters Street.  The new collaboration is situated in No. 27-29.

We were excited to stock their new range of soft furnishings earlier this year and its popularity inspired us to open the first shop in the UK, selling their products exclusively.  

We have worked tirelessly with their team of designers to create a unique showroom experience, offering everything from quirky kitchenware to stunning lighting, sumptuous furniture, and much more besides.  We sell everything from retro light bulbs, to tripod floor lamps, to leather bar units for the more discerning customer.

The new concept provides a contrast to the existing brands of The House In Town (No. 23), Maud’s Attic (No. 25), and the old Ice Cream shop in No. 31.  

There is also a set discount structure in place in Culinary Concepts; meaning the more you spend, the greater the discount.  We offer you free local delivery, and 7 day a week shopping from the start of November.