Hair Style

I’ve been a stylist for 14 years; having trained under Vidal Sassoon in ladies’ hairdressing. Now, I focus my skills on men’s barbering. Since opening Men’s Inc. on Fore Street earlier this year, the growth I have seen has been overwhelming – I’m currently recruiting for new staff to help handle it! 

My aim? Bring a little bit of London style to Suffolk. I want to offer a service that sets me apart from anyone else. I pride myself on being right up there with the biggest names in the country, and being as fresh as anyone else in the industry. Training at a school like Sassoon means you are equipped to be able to do any style – you look at hair and think of shapes, not ‘how do I do this or that?’

 I don’t approach barbering in terms of what’s ‘trendy’; barbering is a very personal thing, and I base styling 

around a man’s look, his fashion, what he does for work, the way he lives his life. From there, I can create a look for him that is going to compliment everything about him. It shouldn’t be a case of ‘this is what’s in right now’; it’s very much individual to each guy.

2018 saw a lot of guys wanting skin fades and the same styles over and over. As we approach winter and 2019, guys who come in here want to try something different. I’m all about doing something new with every single cut! Gents are lucky; they get their hair cut every few weeks and have that flexibility for creativity. You want to give someone a bit of originality; not let them all look like sheep! 

With a client yesterday, we discussed a few elements of what would work for him, and decided on a real, classic flat top – something that is so 80s, but looked seriously cool on him! That’s what I love about this industry: you can go so retro, or so space age, and as long as it fits the person and their lifestyle, it looks fantastic! 

Beard trims are another massive part of what I do. There are two parts to your face: your hair, and your facial hair! I think the beard is even more personal than the hair – someone with a great beard can accentuate their hair so well with good facial styling. Even stubble or a short 0.5, when chiselled and outlined directly to their face shape, can really accentuate a guy’s features.

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