"The Welcome is Warm & Pleasant"

Riverside Clinic has the reputation of being a bit of a one-stop-shop for Ipswich residents.  It has played host to a minor injuries clinic, blood clinic, physiotherapy centre and ultrasound clinic over recent years.  To get the low-down on the current set up, we took advantage of the fact that our mystery shopper – Claire – had to attend the Clinic for some physiotherapy and asked her to take notes.

riverside clinic ipswich


Although relatively easy to locate via signage on a busy road, Riverside Clinic has an odd car park entrance, where you are unsure whether you are, in fact, going in the exit.  The car park markings are misleading at best and with no room for 2 cars to pass at the entrance (or was it the exit!?) the experience of arriving by car is stressful.  SCORE 2/5


The building looks like a typical medical centre….a bit dated and in need of refurbishment.  The entrance isn’t particularly welcoming and there is nothing to make the trip to see whichever practitioner you are there for, more appealing.  SCORE 2.5/5


There is something about a medical reception area/desk that makes you apprehensive.  I am unsure as to whether it is simply the start of the process of the impending appointment (which is usually for an ailment), or whether it is the expectation of the imminent short shrift of a welcome that has become the stuff of legend. However, whilst the short walk from the entrance door to the reception at Riverside does not buck the apprehensive trend, the welcome from the lady receptionist is warm and pleasant. SCORE 4/5


Absolutely as expected. Plastic chairs and posters are the order of the day.  The tired exterior of the building is replicated internally and there isn’t anything to do, other than hope that you are called through as soon as possible.  SCORE 3/5


I was seated less than 3 minutes, before I was collected by the clinician and taken to an upstairs area.  SCORE 5/5


The upstairs area feels more modern and I think that part of this was the feeling that it’s a specialist physio area and not a general clinic.  There is a large open area for exercise which features a fair amount of equipment and this was being well used on the day.  There are then secondary areas for patient consultation, one of which I was escorted to.  The fact finding was thorough, as was the assessment and advice.  However, I was surprised at the speed of time in which the appointment was concluded.  SCORE 4/5


Despite being an older venue, the décor is good and the Clinic feels clean and looks tidy.  Although nothing was over and above expectations, standards are obviously well-maintained.  SCORE 4.5/5

I expected to write a report very similar to the one that you are reading, as soon as I received the mystery visit brief. Although not a frequent visitor to this Clinic, I knew enough about the venue to expect what I found….a medical facility in need of investment, but doing a good job. The staff are great and seem to take pride in both their work and in making the most of their old-fashioned surroundings.
— SCORE 3.6/5