Ipswich Counsel

Liz Harsant was elected Councillor in 2002 to represent Holywells Ward and in 2004 became Leader of Ipswich Borough Council, in a joint administration (Conservatives /Lib Dems) for 6½ years.  Amongst other things, community spirit is one of the reasons that Liz writes for Waterfront Life.

When I received my brief for this month’s article I did laugh – New Year Resolutions they are my favourite!  I say this because I am already considering joining one of the many local gyms around the town centre or perhaps joining the “I can Run Club” or simply just power walking for half an hour every day.  

I have done all of these in the past and within a short period of time I have given them up!!!  I also resolve to join the many with “Dry January”, but this seems to last a week - perhaps two - before something triggers me to reach for a glass of wine.  No discipline I can hear you all saying – quite correct – but there are two things I did give up and stuck to.  

In 1992 I gave up smoking; something I had done since a teenager and from that day I have never thought about it again.  The other is chocolate – that lovely dark chocolate that they say is good for you.  Perhaps a little piece is but not half a bar a day, so I decided enough was enough and for a whole year I haven’t touched chocolate and don’t crave it anymore.  

But as we put in place our New Year Resolutions, perhaps one of the most important things for all of us to consider is to find the time to spend with friends and family who are lonely.  Loneliness, they say, kills more people than 15 cigarettes a day; so just a little chat at the bus stop or on the bus with someone can make a huge difference to that person’s day.  Or picking up the phone to an elderly relative or a friend that doesn’t lead the busy life we do, is so important.  So, the resolution I am making for this year is to find time for people and to be happy - life is very precious.

May I wish you all a healthy and happy New Year.