The View From The Salthouse

Generally speaking, a hotel is in business to accommodate visitors to an area.  However, a hotel is also a business within its operating area and surely has a responsibility to add value to the local business community.  Here our editor discusses with Salthouse GM Diogo Abreu, why a hotel must be a good neighbour: 

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A firm perception is that a hotel is mainly in business to sell accommodation to ‘out of towners’ and whilst we know that in the case of the Salthouse, the Eaterie is also a go-to restaurant in the vicinity, this perception leads me to ask Diogo about his hotel’s need to be involved in the local community.

“We support local schools and many charities” says Diogo “…and this is where our community involvement begins”.  I learn that the Hotel Group’s main supported charity is the British Heart Foundation, so it is refreshing to hear that charitable backing is also available at a local level.  “We also work hard to have a healthy working relationship with residents and local business alike” continues Diogo and I soon learn that the impassioned GM is a huge advocate of the whole area having the feel-good factor.  “Having a really buzzing Waterfront that brings people together is great for everyone.  The better every venue does, the more people will visit and there will be more opportunities for everyone”.  This is an inspirational approach to business from Diogo and one that, whilst not unique, is one that personally, I haven’t heard for quite a while.  Imagine a world where all businesses got on for a combined result for all!!  

“Don’t take me wrong….we still want to be the best” adds Diogo “However, other venues do not have to do badly for this to happen!  Our business ethos is that the better an area does, the more opportunities that will present themselves”.

So, community engagement is indeed alive & well at the Salthouse Harbour Hotel.  There is a wholly genuine desire to see the competition play its part and when it comes to local residents, we seem to have a business’ GM that wants the whole area to do well for the added benefit of the people that call the area home.