Fresher Pressure

WELL DONE!.....your hard work has paid off and you have your place at University, but what on earth do you take with you?

First, some quick tips:

Make a list

You should be good at this! Compile a complete simple “ what I need list “ and how much you will need for necessities.

Mind the gaps

Ascertain where the gaps are in your wardrobe and buy accordingly. You will of course have necessities that you will need to fill, however other gaps not so much!

Aim to travel light

You will be moving into a small room with very limited cupboard space so storage is key. One large suitcase of clothes (to begin with), boxes and binliners for bedding etc.

Don’t splash out on expensive items

There are perfectly decent affordable duvet sets, kettles and stationery from supermarket chains & high street stores.

Check what the uni ARE providing

You don’t want to duplicate with items that have alrady been provided.

Cash in on privileged discounts

Most useful are high street stores, online shopping and social & leisure activities. Topshop, Topman, ASOS, Office and Amazon all offer generous discounts of 10% or more.

Also keep an eye on local discounts available with your campus card, and sign up for newsletters to keep abreast of student events.

Think outside the box

In times of dire finances, be brave enough to experiment with your existing clothes, recycle and spruce up where you can.

Of course, you will come armed with the key “study” essentials, stationery, books; everything you will need for the “classroom”

Other key items you have to take, amongst others, will include:

However….Wardrobe items can be a challenge!

Many students pack for uni in September, whilst it may be relatively warm, however don’t forget it will be cold by the end of the first term.

Albeit you may be a traditional student or a mature student, there is going to be an element of being ‘trendy’ and keeping up with current trends. Remember trends are ever changing so it’s pretty hard to keep up, unless you work within the industry and have to!

Budgeting for your wardrobe for Uni

Our great British high street offers a wide, diverse range of everyday wear & evening wear throughout all seasons – therefore you will have plenty to choose from at affordable costs, whatever the occasion.

Learn to love charity shops

There are some real hidden gems to be unearthed and of course the price tag is all very appealling. Vintage style coats, waistcoats & jewellery will be personal triumphs for you.

My guide to the perfect “staple” items to pack will help.


Main Clothes List

• Normal, casual clothing – jeans, trousers, shorts, t-shirts, blouses/shirts – both short and long sleeved to cope with the ever changing weather

• Lightweight jumpers, cardigans for autumn days

• Fleece type jumpers, or warmer cotton sweatshirts – these are a lot easier to wash & dry than heavy knits

• Underwear & socks (plenty of these)

• Comfortable waterproof shoes

• Trainers/Vans/Converse

• ‘Going out’ clothes for clubs/pubs/parties

• Hats/scarves/gloves

• Winter coat – warm & waterproof

• Rain Jacket – foldable: easier to carry when not needed

• Nightwear – Dressing gowns – slippers at 3am for a fire alarm... you will need them!

• Warm jumpers for when you are working at your desk in the evening & late at night

• Smart shoes/heels – to match up with your going out clothes

• Outfits suitable for job interviews/part time work (smart ‘office’ looking clothes)

• Purses/Wallets

• Bags/Rucksacks/Workbags


Enjoy your journey through University... you’ve worked hard to be there.

Pam x