Finding Myself

Cara is 18 years old and studying English. Cara decided to get involved with Student Life because she really enjoys writing and reading, and thought this would be a good way to practice her skills. 

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Finding your own style can be quite hard, and usually takes a few years. Most teenagers go through different stages concerning their own style. Many, like me, struggle to find the right style and struggle to find themselves even. This is especially clear when you are growing up and being influenced by so many different things. The way you dress often defines you and your personality; this is your own way of showing people who you are and it is very important to get it right, getting the real you across to the eyes around you.

I have always found that I lean towards wearing just ‘regular’ or ‘plain’ clothes not to attract any attention to myself. But in the past few years, after going through school wearing the same uniform as everyone else; feeling like I wasn’t unique and I was just part of a crowd, I wanted to change it up. I wanted to take control. I wanted to be myself for once and not be ashamed of who I am. Once I had this mindset, when I went shopping or did a little cheeky online shop, I enjoyed the process and experience. I didn’t just buy things that would go together or flatter my body. I bought things I liked, and other people’s opinions didn’t even come into my decision.

I have also noticed that I have become far more happy and positive about my body and self-image, which has always been an issue for me. Dressing to flatter your body shape can come into it, you want to wear something that makes you look good and feel good. But that shouldn’t restrict you. Wear clothes that jump out at you. Wear clothes that you can imagine yourself loving. Never feel as if you can’t wear something because you aren’t the right size or shape, because there is no right size. There is no right shape.