A Change To The Skyline

It’s been an interesting few months for all things ‘Winerack’, as the wheels are now fully in motion to change the skyline of the Waterfront and to say au revoir to the concrete canvas that we have come to accept and even embrace!  This project is far from your typical new build development.  It is one of heritage, hearsay and high-hopes and with a very unique funding structure which brings its own joy and pain. 

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However, even though there are still challenges to overcome, it is likely that between now and Christmas, activity on the site will evolve into playing its part in colouring in the scene; in the form of new hoarding, scaffolding, a sub-station and heavy plant & cranes edging their way into the periphery.  All happening with minimal disruption to everyday Waterfront Life.

For those eagle-eyed residents, you may even notice a film crew shooting an urban themed film towards the end of September, before the structure gets wrapped in a temporary façade of scaffolding and construction material.   

The production company ‘Dark Pictures’ who have been awarded a BFI Vision Award 2016-18 have identified the Winerack as the perfect location to bring their script to life and there is every chance that the Winerack will feature on BBC 1 in the not too distant future, adding another dimension to its story so far…

I overheard someone comparing the waterfront to “Monte Carlo” when I was sat outside one of the restaurants in the sunshine last week. It made me smile as it appears it was their first visit to Ipswich and when you take a minute to soak up the scene right in front of you; the stunning yachts in the marina, characterful buildings, award-winning hotel, unique restaurants and bars, the diversity which the University offers and the innovation & sophistication in the air – maybe she had a point? At least the prices of the Winerack apartments will seem like a very sound buy in comparison to those equivalent properties on the illustrious French Riviera… 

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