Where Are They Now?

Student Life catches up with the University’s Alumni

Andy is 23 years old and a passionate historian born and raised in Ipswich. He has fully immersed himself in all that the Waterfront offers from studying History at the University of Suffolk, to working with the Ipswich Maritime Trust. This has only fuelled his interest in becoming part of Waterfront Life & Student Life.

suffolk university alumni

I graduated from the Uni in October 2015, with a BA (Hons) degree in History. Since then life has led me down several diverse paths, but all these pursuits share a common link with the love I have for my hometown, and the strong ties I have with the Waterfront. I was drawn to study at the University of Suffolk for many reasons and it was clearly the perfect fit for me, as I had such a fantastic time studying, making friends and creating amazing memories. 

In the short space of time since graduating, I like to think I’ve gained invaluable experiences from the time I spent time travelling across the USA, working for a global insurance company; as well as for several local businesses. I am currently busy working on several local history projects including with the Uni’s History Alumni Society, as well as working for a conservation charity. It’s important to me to remain connected to the Waterfront and be part of promoting the history of the Town. 

A couple of my favourite haunts as a student were Cult or the University library; where I would head to, to hang out and do work. As a history student, there was always something to do; an essay to write, research to organise, presentations to practise. The best thing about the place though was that there was always a mate or a colleague on the Waterfront, to meet for either a drink, a catch-up, a study session, or a night out. The community spirit I felt when I was a student - and even now when I’m down on the Waterfront - is second to none. This is what made the University of Suffolk what it was to me and I believe still is for many others today. Even today I still bump into mature students still studying and old friends that now work at the University. The love I have for this place only serves to help push myself forward in everything I do today and I will always have a place in my heart for the University, for helping me become who I am.