The Winerack

In the latest of our articles on the development of the Winerack, we show that “it’s happening”, really does mean it’s happening!

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Traditionally this time of year is holiday season for many of us in the UK. 

With the majority of families heading off to the beach for some well-deserved R&R, one property developer will not be venturing too far from the Waterfront this summer!  Owner of the Winerack, John Howard; his partners and team, will be very much close to the action as over the next few months an enormous amount of work will be taking shape behind the scenes, in preparation for the green light to allow activity to start on-site.

There is still a significant volume of due diligence to be undertaken to enable all contracts to be signed, but everyone involved in the development of the Winerack is working flat out to make sure this happens imminently.  From the construction team to the lawyers, to the advisers – through to the Homes & Communities Agency and New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership (who are helping to fund the project) – the efforts of these key players to kick-start this Waterfront regeneration project is immense.  Final measurements for the impressive new ‘car-stacker-system’ by German manufacturers Wöhr are being made, as the original system that was chosen for the previous scheme has naturally evolved and been updated.  Utility companies are scheduled to play their part from early September so that there are sufficient amenities available to the 200 or so strong team and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Each and every item on the Developer’s ‘To Do’ list has its own right to be at the top of thepage, yet to execute such a project with the exactness that is essential to its success, a methodical and logical strategy is vital.  Coordinating such a large scheme is not something for the faint hearted and luckily for John, his team of experts are putting their holidays on hold this year to make sure timescales are still met.  So, enjoy the view of the towering concrete frame over the next few months; as shortly it will be wrapped in scaffolding until the unveiling of its multi-textured façade…..which we’ve all been waiting too long to see!

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