Suffolk's Needs Met

SUFFOLK’S NEEDS MET is a concept being delivered by charity Suffolk Mind and is all about giving Suffolk an understanding of what it means to be emotionally healthy, why it is important and how emotional health supports physical health.  With an already blossoming, working relationship with Suffolk Mind, our editor attended a recent workshop.

Suffolk mind, mental health support

You may say that I am already a ‘convert’?  I have a good understanding of emotional wellbeing, I am writing a book on adolescent mental health and I edit publications that are well-supported by Suffolk Mind.  I am also a FRIEND of Suffolk Mind; having signed up ‘….to receive information, help and support to make my own mental health a priority, and create a life that meets my needs, and helps others meet theirs’.  Regardless of the aforementioned, I was very keen to report back on my time at a recent 3-hour workshop, ably hosted by the informative and articulate Ezra Hewing, the Charity’s Head of Mental Health Education.

So, 21 attendees from various walks of life gathered in a more than fit-for-purpose meeting room, at the beautifully restored Quay Place.  There we were given prompt cards, with various discussion topics including Movement, Sleep, Respect, Emotion, Dreaming & Memory.  Guided along the ‘mental health continuum’, Ezra encouraged us to explore a total of 20 areas that all linked back to a sketch of the brain, portrayed on a flip chart.  We were introduced to the ‘Security Officer’, a personified section of our being that seems to want to control everything; from our fight or flight instinct to our dreams.  Guided around our pictorial head by our talented host, we were all soon engaging from our seats and if one of the results of the workshop was to get people openly talking about mental health, then that box was well and truly ticked.

Ezra’s desire to “De-professionalise mental health knowledge and to educate the population” apparently needs “partners to deliver this” and he seemed to end the session with 21 partners ready to step up to the challenge.

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