New Stationery Please + Highlighter Review

Most students want to start the new academic year with new equipment.  But what is seen as the usual stationery and what might be seen as luxury items? 

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Most students want to start the new academic year with new equipment.  But what is seen as the usual stationery and what might be seen as luxury items? 

Whether you’re going back to school, sixth form, university, or if you’re going for the first time, there’s no doubt you’ll be experiencing an abundance of emotions. However, there are a lot more reasons to get excited than not. A fresh start, learning new things, making new friends, and the best part… a brand-new set of stationery. 

There is nothing better that starting the new academic year with a perfectly polished stationery collection. Whether you want to make your classmates envious with your matching revision cards and washi tape, or if it’s the untouched notebook you need to feel incredibly organized; the end result is having something to give you the get up and go attitude that let’s be honest, all students need after a long summer. 

Whether you go for items that are undoubtedly aesthetically pleasing, or whether you are purely making a purchase to avoid rolling into class late and having to ask for a pen, there is definitely somewhere for you. 

If you find yourself sitting, realising you’re back to the grind tomorrow and you have nothing to write on, head to Tiger. I know that you would NEVER think to go here, but they have absolutely everything you would need. From correction tape to mini calculators, 15cm erasers to desktop bins, you name it…they’ve got it. Very basic designs but all for a very small price. Sainsburys will also surprise you. They don’t just sell groceries; they have a vast range of high quality, well designed stationery, all for a good price too. 

Paperchase is a classic. Whether you want big bold prints or plain covered folders; quirky animal sharpeners or a simple bendy ruler, they have it…and remember, you receive 10% student discount. You could also roll into WHSmith if you want to spend that bit extra; you know they’ll have everything you need - it’s the stationery store that will never let you down.

If you’re a big stationery lover and willing to spend time building your collection, then head to Ohh Deer (another 10% student discount store), LoveOne a dainty independent shop, or Kikki.K online. These outlets cater for the avid stationery hoarder and it’s all Christmases coming at once, with the most beautifully designed, high quality products. 


Highlighters are one of the best items you can have in your pencil case. It’s the ultimate organisation hack and there are so many varieties out there to choose from. I’ll be comparing some of the cheaper alternative 4 packs of own brand highlighters, with the trusty Stabilo. *Disclaimer. These I’ve mentioned aren’t the only ones out there, there are so many others, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

WHSmith £2.99

Very similar to the Stabilo in the way that they’re designed. However, these are a lot chunkier which makes it a little more difficult to hold. Whilst the colours are alike, they are less pigmented and dry a lot lighter than you’d expect which is disappointing; especially for the price. SCORE: 2/5

Tiger £1.00

These are not your typical highlighter. The applicator is very thin, almost like a fine felt tip pen. Therefore, these wouldn’t be ideal when highlighting lots on information. However, if you prefer to underline or write with highlighters, these would be great; they’re cheap and different too. SCORE: 3/5

Sainsburys £1.50

Sainsburys highlighters were by far the most comparable.  The colour match is perfect and they create the exact same width line. If anything, these are better than the trusty Stabilo as they’re less chunky and easier to hold. Very impressed. SCORE: 5/5

The Works £1.00

These are the nicest looking highlighters; however, they are also a lot thinner than you would expect. They’re not as small as the product from Tiger so they could still be used for the usual purpose, the colour is also good. The shape of these pens make them difficult to hold, they’re not the most comfortable. SCORE: 3.5/5