My Top Summer Shops

Emily is a 22yr old, 3rd year student at the Uni; studying Events & Tourism Management, and having recently handed in her dissertation, joined Student Life to rekindle her passion of writing for leisure.

summer shops

Moving into halls in a new town for university, I realised to my horror that I had left much of my clothes at home. However, by using the ‘capsule wardrobe’ method of owning a few interchangeable key pieces, all I was lacking were a few flamboyant accessories to create new outfits with.  So on a tight student budget, I set out to find new, fashion forward clothing with minimal costs, which in the summer months can prove all the more tricky. 

Festivals – Festival accessories include a variety of on trend pieces that are slaying the game; from sequined mermaid bags to flower crowns, glitter and sunglasses, they are the ideal way to complete your chic summer festival look, at a fraction of the price.  Better yet, they can be worn for a variety of other occasions, such as the beach or outings with friends. 

Daywear- This seasons slogan tees are filling the rails, and there is more on-style gingham than you can shake the latest copy of Vogue at. However, to avoid buying pieces which I would otherwise never re-use, I look to add tasselled kimonos, summer scarves and baseball caps; which can transform any plain white t shirt & jeans - or skirt combo - into a beach, work, or Instagram look. 

Clubbing – Reasonably priced footwear can complete any night time outfit, such as metallic trend chunky sandals; which when donned with a basic t shirt, holographic clutch bag and chic corset belt, create a high fashion, low budget look that can also be worn down for lunch or even lectures. 

Don’t feel overwhelmed; there is so much out there and everything new is deemed a style ‘must have’.  So stick to what you like and what will fit into your wardrobe all year round. You may be pleasantly surprised by the results!