It's Maritime Time!

Liz Harsant was elected Councillor in 2002 to represent Holywells Ward and in 2004 became Leader of Ipswich Borough Council, in a joint administration (Conservatives /Lib Dems) for 6½ years.  Amongst other things, community spirit is one of the reasons that Liz writes for Waterfront Life.

The Maritime Festival was first introduced in 2010 and since then the Festival has gone from strength to strength; attracting in excess of 70,000 visitors. It is organised by Ipswich Borough Council in partnership with ABP, Ipswich Maritime Trust, local organisations and businesses and this year runs from Saturday 19 to Sunday 20th of August.  It is located throughout the Waterfront including the island site, stretches along the North & East Quays and concludes with a wonderful firework display on the Sunday evening.  This year the Festival is based on a Viking theme, re-enacting the recapture of Ipswich from the Vikings 1100 years ago in 917AD. It will bring two days filled with music, a variety of vessels, street food, fairground rides, Punch & Judy and a range of stalls and childrens’ activities. There will also be live music performances, a bar area and fire performers.

Since the start of the Festival in 2010, I have heard very few complaints from the residents that live in and around the Waterfront - in fact they say they love it.  Initially there were issues with rubbish not being cleared quickly enough after the event, but that is now well planned and not seen any more as a problem.

It would be unusual if Councillors did not receive complaints about traffic and parking, but there are many car parks around this area and excellent bus services into Town. It really isn’t far to walk from the town centre and this allows you to see the lovely St Peter’s Street and St Nicholas Street (The Saints) as you walk down to the Waterfront.

Ipswich is a wonderful town and this Maritime Festival is even more reason to come and visit and enjoy all that our Town has to offer.