"I Instantly Felt like A Kid In A Sweet Shop"

Located in The Saints and offering a takeaway ice cream menu, i Scream has been trading since 1999.  But just how special is the specialist dessert venue…..our mystery diner – Claire – went to find out.





The venue is fairly unassuming and with its canopy and hanging banner signage, seems more akin to a promenade than an artisan shopping street.  Thankfully, the door was open so that I could see an enticing interior, which was just as well, as the main window was sign-written in such a way that makes it impossible to see in. SCORE 3/5


The interior makes up for the above.  I instantly felt like a kid in a sweet shop, such was the array of displays and cleverly presented menu boards.  I was immediately and warmly greeted by the young lady behind the counter.   SCORE 5/5


The young lady was very helpful & customer focused and offered to guide me through the menus.  She was chatty throughout and seemed genuine in all aspects of her service.  SCORE 5/5


Although there are menu boards throughout the shop, the ice cream itself didn’t need any introduction!  The different flavours are all clearly marked and the containers are well stocked and enticing.  I counted 29 choices and these along with the large variety of toppings, sauces etc should please every pallet.  SCORE 5/5


I opted for the two-scoop bowl, aided by my hostess’ advice.  I decided on a salted caramel & dark chocolate combo, with a marshmallow base and a chocolate sauce & chopped nut topping.  The ice cream was excellent and the base & toppings were a major addition and not a distraction or makeweight, like in some outlets.  



Having asked if I could use the toilet, I was told that there wasn’t one available to the public.  However, I sensed some hesitancy and I get the impression that if you are a paying customer with a young child or similar, then that rule may be relaxed.  It was a little disappointing that it wasn’t relaxed upon my request.  SCORE 3/5


The venue is much more welcoming on the inside than the outside and that goes for the décor as well.  There’s not too much wrong externally, but the owner(s) should be advertising the product much more efficiently via the relatively large window area on offer.  SCORE 3.5/5

i Scream is indeed a specialist ice cream parlour, with a huge choice, a very attentive member of staff and a delightful interior feel. I paid £3.75 for my choice and the portion was large, delicious, well put together and well presented. Even on a dull, uninspiring day weather-wise, I was left feeling very summery.
— Overall Score 4.2/5