Travel with Less Stress

No matter where you are travelling sometimes planning for it can be a really stressful experience. Hopefully these tips should help take the pressure off planning your trip.

1. Try and plan in advance. 

This seems like an obvious tip but it really does make things a lot easier. It is sometimes difficult to follow this advice especially when things change last minute and it is the only time you can travel. However, the further in advance you can book where you are staying, plan how to get there and what you will need to take with you, the better.

2. Ask friends for advice. 

It can be difficult to know where to travel sometimes and how to book accommodation, flights or train tickets. 

3. Create a back-up plan. 

On most trips that you go on there is always some kind of crisis before you travel, whether it be that your transport broke down or you forgot something. Always prepare for the worst. Plan two different ways of getting to where you need to go in case one doesn’t work. Write yourself a list and if you forget something, work out where is the closest place to get what you need.

4. Check reviews. 

Lastly, always check reviews for everything whether it be a website you’re planning to use, an attraction you’re planning to visit, or simply just the place you are staying. The thing with reviews though is that you need to take them with a pinch of salt; because some people may not have the same views as you.

Even though some of these tips seem obvious when you’re frantically trying to plan everything, you sometimes forget just to breathe and find that happy place. Hopefully this article has been of use to anyone who is planning to take a trip somewhere. Happy travelling and stay safe.

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TravelQuest’s own Poppy Brown adds her experience to the subject:

We are living in an era of self-service. The phenomenon of the internet means we can spend hours looking at hundreds of different websites; comparing prices, hotels, flights - all in hope of organising ourselves that perfect trip and getting the ‘best deal’. But why should we overwhelm ourselves with all this unnecessary information that will not benefit our travel plans? 

It is easy to forget that travel agents still exist..

So what do we advise? When beginning your plans think “What do I actually want to do? You see all these amazing photos on social media from other people’s travels giving you inspiration. But what is it that you want to experience? Why not begin with making a list of the things that you want to see and do – the list may be very long (I know mine is!) but it’s a start. Remember you probably have time to travel, you don’t have to do it all in one hit! There are so many choices nowadays; from a weekend city break to Rome or Amsterdam, to two weeks in the Caribbean…..and then there’s backpacking round Australia – we know the list is endless!

What to think about 

- Start saving
- Do some research: Where do you want to go? / What style of travel suits you? / How much time do you want to spend in each destination – or maybe you aren’t sure and that’s the problem. At TravelQuest we can book flexible round the world flights! 
- Talk to someone with experience / insider knowledge – like your local TravelQuest travel agent
- ASK Questions – us travel agents are here to help!! 
- Tell us where you want to go and let us do the organising for you. 

Do not forget

- Passport
- Travel insurance
- Visas (if needed) 
- Vaccinations (if needed) 

TravelQuest Tips

- More than one of you travelling? When packing share the load! 
- Not everything needs to be planned in advance: When travellingask hotel staff for recommendations / talk to tourists; maybe they’ve done something you are interested in.
- Stay focused and inspired