Nurturing Grassroots Arts & Culture in Ipswich

The Ipswich Arts Centre will be a diverse, vibrant and inclusive arts and culture hub for everyone in and around the Town.

By transforming the medieval St Clement Church on Star Lane into a new venue, it will once again become the beating heart of the community, offering live music, theatre, dance, events, rehearsal space, exhibitions and more. 

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Way beyond entertainment

The absence of an independent, medium-sized venue means many of us – especially young people – are missing out on the numerous benefits one would bring to the town. One of the Centre’s aims is to plug this gap.

“The Ipswich Arts Centre aims to give the community a fun, safe, creative space where they can discover and develop their talents,” explains Centre Director, Simon Hallsworth.

“As a grassroots initiative, we want to erode the idea that the arts are for the elite only, and open the Centre to anyone who has a passion that they wish to explore.”

Bringing big benefits

Research shows that grassroots arts and culture brings long-lasting benefits across education, health, wellbeing and the economy. Also, community-based arts can provide routes to employment in the creative industries. 

With this in mind, when the Centre is up and running, it will be working with schools and colleges, while encouraging young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to get involved.

The potential for the Ipswich Arts Centre is truly impressive, and everyone can play a part in creating it.

Make it happen

The voluntary team behind the Centre needs to raise £50,000 to complete the first phase of opening the community venue in the church. Supporters can donate online or sign up to the supporter list at:

Next planned fundraising event: 

Friday 14 July: Albion Mills, Copperhead Toads and The Allotment Band will be playing at Venue 77 at The Gardeners Arms. Tickets are £8 if bought online in advance, or £10 on the door. Advanced tickets are available here: 

To get in touch, email: Or find the Centre on Twitter and Facebook.