Marriage Proposal | Oh The Stress

savvy wedding planner, ipswich

With future Student Life editions due to feature many matters surrounding weddings, we asked the Savvy Wedding Planner to discuss the lighter side of how stress can manifest itself after a marriage proposal and how it can be turned around to assist in the planning for the big day…

Soo, you’ve been asked THE question!  The initial excitement may now be a distant memory taken over by nerves and worry about everything you should be doing for your big day.  

If you’re anything like me you, will have planned your big day from 5 years old….but still so many things to do, so many people to think about, so many canapes to try and dresses too!

One of the most stressful things can be family & the expectations they put on you.  You have to invite Auntie Maureen who sends you £5 every Christmas but you’ve never met.  Actually, you don’t!  I always tell my couples that it’s your day.  If the thought of having all the family there is too much, who not keep it as simple as you can.  Just the 2 of you, 2 witnesses, you sign on the dotted line & you’re done!  

wedding proposal, savvy wedding planner, ipswich

There are lots of great groups where you can get advice if you don’t want to discuss matters with family or friends.  You may be worried about all eyes being on you when you take that walk up the aisle and take centre stage for your first dance.  There are bride boot camps, diet fads & all sorts of things to make you feel like you should be size 6 before your big day - but that’s rubbish!  The person who proposed to you did exactly that…they proposed to you!   Every inch of you, every freckle, every hair, tattoo, piercing or scar.  They did not propose to an airbrushed, photo-shopped version of you.

However you plan your wedding do it with a twinkle in your eye and a smile on your face and if you want any extra help take a look at or call me on 07453 571 541 or come and see me at The Savvy Wedding Show, Henley Community Centre, Sunday 11 September (11am-4pm)