Italian Style

The Italian Shirt Shop in St Peter’s Street is Antonio Bellini’s third shop, his first being in Bishop Stortford some twenty-five years ago, before manufacturing shirts in Italy, to sell wholesale to shops all over the east of England.

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Having moved to the Waterfront, I was always looking for a new venture and had always liked St Peter’s Street.  One day I saw work being carried out on my eventual premises and I enquired with John at The House in Town who told me that he could contact the landlady. She advised me that I would need to commit within 24 hours, a big decision! Well of course I opened some two months later and have never looked back. 

I continued importing shirts from just outside Florence - very high quality - but I always strived for something even more luxurious. Thankfully due to connections made in southern Italy, arrangements were made to meet up with a very high class factory in Naples; a factory that would not normally deal with a tiny shop, but one that manufactures for the highest quality labels in Italy.

I now have over 80% of my shirts and jackets manufactured under my own registered trademark in this factory.  

By going direct to the factory and producing under my own trademark, I am able to sell these extremely high end Italian clothes at 40 - 80% less than the extremely inflated prices charged by the very high end labels.

My shop is becoming like a private club; with my wonderful customers entering the shop wearing my clothes and after a mutually appreciative discussion about the new Antonio Bellini range, normally leaving with more amazing clothing. 

My mission is to bring Italian style to Ipswich and with the support of my very stylish customers this can be achieved.  I look forward to welcoming new customers to my exclusive group of people, who appreciate the best clothing in Italy. 

A presto.