South of Frances versus The Waterfront

You would be hard pushed not to appreciate the ambience and views on offer at the Waterfront’s marinas.  On a ‘blue sky day’ the area feels like a holiday spot and if you checked in to a local hotel late one night & in the dark, your first sight of the water the next morning would result in a “wow”! The area has been likened to marinas in Europe, so how different is it?

See if you can spot which of our images are of the French Riviera and which are of Ipswich’s Riviera!  Simply list the numbers 1-10 in an email and against each number, add the word Ipswich or France. Send your answers to and the winning entry will be drawn at random on the 19th of July.  The winner will enjoy breakfast for 2, overlooking the marina, at The Grazing Sheep.

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