Saints Traders

Cathy Frost is the owner of Love One in St Peter’s Street, one of Ipswich’s most unique gift shops.  Cathy is also the Coordinator of The Saints Traders Group

The Saints are perfectly placed; linking the town centre to the Waterfront. So, it's a great place to start exploring the area. But where to park? If you are planning a quick visit there are some short-term parking spaces on St Peter's Street and Silent Street, up to an hour. Probably enough time to pop in for a coffee or a swift shopping trip. There are longer stay car parks nearby on Cromwell Square and Rose Lane. A little tip, come in after 3pm and park for a pound on Cromwell Square. This is great if you are planning an evening trip to visit one of our many fabulous eateries and bars, plus it's easy walk to our theatres.

It follows that the further from the town centre you go the cheaper the parking, so if you are planning a longer trip, take advantage of this and enjoy the walk through our historic streets. Many of our shops have town maps that can help you navigate your way around.  There is plenty of parking available around the Waterfront area and walking time from the Waterfront to the Saints is about 15mins at a brisk pace.


There is some 1-hour parking in St Peter’s Street & Silent Street, but be quick!


(prices from £1 for 2 hours):

Cromwell Square (open air) – 64 spaces
Rose Lane (covered) – 36 spaces
Rose Lane (open air) – 21 spaces
Turret Lane (open air) – 51 spaces
Waterfront (open air) – 157 spaces