“Impressed With The Level Of Attention”


One of only a handful of post offices in the Town and the closest to the Waterfront, Fore Street Post Office could easily be overlooked, due to its location along a restricted, one way street. The venue was put through its paces by our mystery shopper

– Claire.

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The post office can really only be accessed on foot, unless you happen to drive one of the permitted vehicles allowed to turn right off the area’s one way system.  However, the short walk from the Waterfront saves a trip ‘in to town’, so if you are only in need of a relevant service or a last minute greeting card etc then it’s a welcome venue.  



The venue is small and with more than a couple of people joining you, it is a bit cramped.  Because the depth is narrow and the counter occupies half of the area, the queuing system is difficult to work out.  SCORE 3/5


When it got to my turn at the counter, I was greeted with a standard “hello”, but no more.  However, the lady serving me warmed to my enquiry about a passport and very quickly imparted her knowledge.  I was impressed at the level of attention to detail to my questions.  SCORE 4.5/5


I imagine that the post office has a loyal following and that many residents walk to the venue on their way to/from town and as a single destination.  I also imagine that a number of local businesses are delighted that their staff can easily access the facilities, without needing to jump in the car or spend more time than necessary going to the main town.  SCORE 5/5


There is a typical choice of accessories on display, from stationery to cards to sundries.  The post office is small and there is little chance to display much stock, but it copes ok.  SCORE 3.5/5


The venue copes well with its limited square footage and the displays are all decently presented.  There is a feeling that you are walking in to a set up from a couple of decades ago, but having reviewed many similar venues, this is common for a post office/sub post office. SCORE 4/5

Fore Street Post Office is difficult to find if you don’t know that it’s there, but this doesn’t detract from its purpose. Staff are knowledgeable and take time to deal with enquiries. If you are looking for an easy transaction, without a long wait and without having to join the hustle & bustle of a town centre, then this venue is for you.
— Overall Score 4/5