Magpie Performers

Magpie Performers is a new, upbeat Amateur Dramatic company which is striving to bring a breath of fresh air to the world of Am Dram in Ipswich.  Here, Magpie’s Chair Bridie Burn introduces us to the Company

I was 10 years old when I stood on a stage for the first time; lights up, music playing and stars in my eyes. It was in that awe-inspiring moment, that I knew that being on stage was always something I would want to do and from that, grew the desire to start my own Amateur Dramatic group where all were welcome. At 19 years old, I have now made such a dream come true.

From that day onwards I partook in many shows, with different groups and different directors. Despite the fun I had in every production, nothing ever felt quite right.  With my idea of my own drama group in my head, I knew how I wanted things to be run, structured and the atmosphere I wanted to create for everyone involved.

Summer of 2016 had come to an end and I had just finished helping put on a local production; working with the juniors as junior representative. Something inside me knew that now was finally the time to take the first steps towards my own amateur dramatic company. 

I got out my laptop and began writing. A constitution, health and safety, child protection documents; all the important legal documentation I needed to start the group and to make it safe and welcoming to everyone. I then went on to contact friends and acquaintances who I had spoken to in the past about starting a group and who had in turn shown an interest in joining me on my mission. We came together to form a Committee and after holding our first official meeting in January of 2017 we officially became Magpie Performers.

It wasn’t just productions that I was interested in for our new group, but giving something back to the town of Ipswich I had been born and raised in.  I wanted to encourage the idea of community spirit.

We set a date for our first show; January 2018 and agreed on the best venue – DanceEast on the Ipswich Waterfront. Being local and open to us being a new group, we couldn’t ask for a better location for our first ever production.

Over the next 6 months we held a number of fundraising events and we pushed to use local venues such as Bourne Vale Social Club and source all of our equipment from local companies.

Rehearsals begin in September 2017 ready for our first production, Fairytale Dream, in January 2018.