Working together to make Suffolk the best place in the world

Suffolk Mind wants to make our county the best place in the world for talking about and taking care of mental wellbeing.

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· All of us have mental health, just as we have physical health, and one in four of us will suffer from mental ill health in any given year.

· Just as five-a-day, a little exercise and a balanced diet are part of keeping physically healthy, so it is with mental health.

By joining Friends of Suffolk Mind you will be part of a growing network of people who have pledged to find out how important mental health is and how to look after it. 

It’s free to join and will give you lots of useful information and support to make your own mental health a priority and create a life that meets your needs, and helps others meet theirs.   

A small step but one that could make a huge difference in your life and the lives of people you care about.