What even is 'Tech Savvy'?

Question submitted by ‘TechyNotMe’

“I don’t class myself as ‘Tech Savvy’ and I am due to start University in September.  I think I might need help!

Surely there can’t be much difference in what Tech I will need at Uni, versus what tech I had at my disposal when I was at school only a few years ago – can there!?  I mean; I have 3 years of being a mature student ahead of me and I’m well – now mature!

I managed perfectly well through 6th Form and in my A Levels – well tech wise anyway; my parents might argue about the perfection surrounding my eventual results!!  I use a smart phone, I use a tablet and I have a treasured, state of the art TV and sound system – so I think that I am pretty clued up when it comes to tech in the 21st century.

However, do I need a reality check or is tech really the user-friendly arena at home and at work/study that it’s made out to be in this day & age?”

hughes, ipswich


Apparently being tech savvy is being “well informed about technology, especially computers”.  But does that even scratch the surface nowadays on what it takes to be well informed about technology?  After all, we use mobiles instead of a computer for a start, technology lives everywhere from our wrists to the transport we use.  Not to mention the array of electronic equipment in your home, place of work, or university.  Being ‘tech-savvy’ has never been so vital to everyday living it seems, but technology is now such common-place, it is hardly something we need to learn, as it is more something we have already learnt.  Understanding technology, in all its guises is not even a consideration, but a necessity.

Of course, with so much technology around, how do you know what you are buying is the right thing for you?  How can you be sure it will ‘talk’ to your other technology at home?  Not to mention that it won’t be replaced with something newer in 5 minutes time.  The convergence of technology has become a greater and greater requirement, so understanding how it works “behind the scenes” is now becoming the next stage of being tech savvy.  After all, your wearable technology is good on its own, but it is truly great when used alongside other devices to help your lifestyle improve.  Having a smart lightbulb is lovely, but understanding how that lightbulb can work alongside safety and security devices in your home to alert you when something is wrong is truly smart.  This is where the confusion and complication of smart technology really starts to show, so this is where being tech savvy is handy, but not the be all and end all.

So, of course, I am going to say that Hughes gives great advice on your tech needs through their smart team.  And we do.  But what else can you do?  The internet is a wonderful place for information, but too often can be easily distorted by opinions and inaccurate info.  The most important thing you can do is research the backbone of any smart technology you are looking to buy or rent.  Not just ‘what it does’, but more importantly ‘how it does it’.  That way, you will fully use all the array of benefits smart technology can offer your lifestyle, and make the most of the purchase you have made.  The ‘smart home’ and smart technology is/will be the single biggest change to our daily lifestyles over the next 3-5 years………  maybe we need to be more “smart tech savvy” now?