"The Thomas Wolsey is a 'Proper' Pub"



Occupying a large frontage in The Saints trading area, The Thomas Wolsey pub has the appearance of a ‘proper’ local and offers an alternative to the Waterfront’s modern bars.  The venue was checked out by our mystery shopper – Claire. 

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The pub fits seamlessly in to the unique area of The Saints.  Its façade is welcoming and the age of the building gives the feeling that the interior will be cosy.  The saloon style double doors add to the initial appeal.  SCORE 4.5/5


The wooden floor and the abundance of similar design material make for an expected and anticipated interior; one of a cross between a village and a town centre pub.  The atmosphere was good and with plenty of bar staff, the welcome was quick and genuine.  SCORE 4/5


I can usually find fault with pub/bar service, as typically the bar is not read properly by the staff and in a busy environment, you have to jostle for both physical position and placement.  However, with plentiful, attentive staff, I was served immediately and with smiles and courtesy.  SCORE 5/5


The demographic is ever so slightly older than you might imagine for a central area of a large town, but the pub plays to its strengths.  The atmosphere is good and due to the above, not so intimidating for a lone lady as some (most) pubs can often be.  ‘Nicely noisy!’  SCORE 4.5/5


There is a great choice of beers, lagers, wines & spirits and very sensibly priced.  Guest beers feature and the staff are happy to guide you through all of what’s on offer.  Unusually in this day & age, the pub only serves packet bar snacks.  SCORE 4.5/5

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The ladies toilet is conveniently located at the end of the bar on the ground floor.  One cubicle seems to do the trick and the area is clean & tidy.  SCORE 4/5


There is a decent mix of high tables, cushioned seating and a large bench.  Although seating initially seems a bit limited on a busy evening, helpful signage points to an upstairs seating area and there is some limited seating in a side passageway.  Upstairs is a lot quieter and there is ample table area.  The venue is clean, tidy and well presented.  SCORE 4/5

The Thomas Wolsey is a ‘proper’ pub.  The staff are well trained and welcoming and if you want an alternative to the local ‘bar scene’ then this is it.  Management seem to have the correct outlook for their business and you feel that your custom is greatly appreciated.

overall score 4.4/5