Q&A with Fashion Expert Pam Davis

Is it worth keeping supposedly ‘out of style’ fashion items? 

Question submitted by Bea Fischer

Thank you so much for featuring a fashion expert in our magazine.  All of my girlfriends and of course I, want to find out more about this lady in the months ahead and what help she can give to us! Could I start by asking about a tired old wardrobe!?  Being a poor old student, I recycle my clothes regularly and when I say “recycle”, I mean cut holes in jeans and sew on new buttons & accessories to old tops! BUT, if I just store what I see as out of fashion clothing items, will I see that fashion come around again and if so, how long will it take!? I know that fashion can easily be dictated by me if I choose, but your fashionista’s comments will go a long way to helping out here.  TIA! 

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written by pam davis

“If you keep it long enough it will come back in fashion.”

My style of personal styling has an element of this statement involved. YES... certain pieces may come back in fashion depending on how designers’ creativity evolves within the fashion industry, naturally, not by any length of time. 

Will it come back in fashion... who knows? It may. It may not. Best not to guess. Create your own individual style in the meantime. Fashion evolves naturally. 

What was unimaginable just a few years ago has now happened - shoulder pads are back in the shops and back in our wardrobes, for the first or second time around. Be it music, food or cars, all trends have a life cycle and none more so than fashion trends. 

Fashion is ever changing, we are blessed with the best of British Fashion designers available on our high streets, offering diverse collections to suit all ages, shapes, and sizes. 

So... “keeping it long enough” may become something that may not happen for a while. If some pieces enhance your wardrobe, keep them, but use them wisely to earn their worth within your working wardrobe. 

Without a doubt, fashion has cycles... one of my most used phrases is “fashion does full circle” - I truly believe this. 

50% of my personal wardrobe consists of timeless classic pieces that have never dated spanning over 20 years+. I am still able to wear all of those pieces today within my personal wardrobe, whatever the occasion. 

Trends have a life cycle too, they’re just more condensed. 

We now live in a fast-paced consumer society. Pictures of what’s on the catwalks of London Fashion Week will be on the internet the same day. Everything is absorbed quicker and we want it quicker. Looks hit the High Street much faster. 

Therefore YES, an element of fashion does have cycles - they repeat every 20 years. 

So much dictates how fashion has cycles:

- Introduction of a style
- Increase in popularity
- Peak of popularity
- Decline in popularity
- Rejection of a style.