The Smart Apartment

So much of the technology in your home is ‘smart’ these days.  

Smart phones are common place and almost every single TV you can buy is smart.  It is also easy to go and see these working, in shops up and down your high street or local shopping park.  But what about the smart necessities in life?  Smart heating features on countless TV adverts. Smart lighting looks great in magazines. And as for controlling everything off one remote, well that’s just a gimmick for geeks isn’t it?  But all of this is very difficult to see, touch, feel and actually talk to someone about.  This is why we created our little apartment in our store on Felixstowe Road in Ipswich.  Here you can actually talk to knowledgeable staff about the world of everyday smart devices, get hand-on with the devices themselves and discuss how they can be used to improve your home, and in many ways; save you money.  

Within the showroom on Felixstowe Road, we showcase a brand called ‘Loxone’.  These people are the backbone of our very own smart home, and allow us fully to control everything, in a simple, user friendly, but very cost effective way. Alongside the fundamentals of a home like lighting, we also can show you how easy it is to add smart security to your home.  Security systems, whether for your safety or that of your loved ones or family, are quickly becoming a key component of a modern home.  You may wish to keep an eye on things whilst you are at work?  Or maybe you just want to keep an eye on an elderly relative?  Smart security can make that possible with minimum fuss and disruption at home.  Again, our showroom can help you understand how possible this can be for you.  

Lighting is also becoming cleverer.  It is still a light I guess, but how about lighting that is low voltage and so costs you less to run and maintain?  Or a light switch that allows you to turn off every light in the house from any location?  The things you can achieve with smart products are almost endless.

Of course, no smart showroom would be complete without some gadgets, and we have very cleverly hidden TV’s and a cinema, to help you see how it is possible to have that ideal TV environment, without the TV taking over the whole room.  Speakers and TV’s in the wall?  TV’s hidden behind mirrors and pictures?  Or even hidden in the ceiling?  Almost anything is possible nowadays, so why not pop in to see us, or contact us directly to arrange a free in-home visit to discuss the potential in your own home.

This technology is here and ready for the ‘everyday’ consumer now and it’s not as expensive as you may think.  Last Christmas we were offering a deal that gave customers 5 rooms of smart lighting and heating, as well as a little bit of control and security, all for £3000 installed.  And it’s not just the cost of the goods that is coming down, but also your bills.  One customer who had smart heating installed recently, has saved around £400 compared to last year’s bills…… what a saving!