Life on The Saints

The Saints form an historic thoroughfare linking the town centre to the Waterfront. It is likely that this area has always been steeped in commerce, assisting in the growth and development of the docks and the town over many hundreds of years . St Peter’s church situated at the end of St Peter’s Street is one of Ipswich’s oldest buildings in the area and for a short time was the college chapel of Cardinal Wolsey in the 15th century. 

This area of Ipswich was undoubtedly a vibrant merchant area.  It is exciting then to see this commercial heritage experiencing a resurgence in recent years, with the influx of many independent businesses. In 2007 the Saints’ business outlets were less than 50% occupied, jump forward 10 years and we are nearly 100% occupied. Whilst there have been many newcomers to the area, there are a handful of businesses that have provided the backbone to the Saints. Maud’s Attic will be celebrating 21 years in business this autumn and Baiss & Co Hairdressers have been residents for over 25 years. These established and well-loved businesses have helped to encourage new investment into the area, and now the Saints offers an eclectic mix of independent retail, hair and beauty salons, and a fine and diverse range of eateries. 

Mixing commerce and heritage has led to the Saints becoming a great destination both for locals and visitors, with it’s convenient parking and central location.  The sense of community also shines through on the Saints. The Traders have really pulled tighter together over the last few years to create once again a dynamic commercial centre. Two years ago, the Saints was a shortlisted finalist in the Great British High Street competition. This nationally contested award is given in recognition of excellence in high street regeneration in our towns and cities. This was a testament to the hard work that the community had put in, but also to the loyal and ever increasing numbers of new visitors that support us.