Ipswich Community Radio | Daring, Diverse, Different

Tucked away, 50 yards behind Ipswich’s colourful Saints district, is the Town’s only truly independent radio station: Ipswich Community Radio. Staffed by more than 75 volunteers, ICR broadcasts from its Turret Lane studios; 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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Set up by a small group of enthusiasts nearly thirty years ago, ICR is still true to its original ideals; to provide an alternative to Ipswich’s mainstream radio and to entertain, inform and bring together the people of our community. There are no playlists, no musical boundaries.  ICR’s strapline is ‘Daring, Diverse, Different’; from rock to reggae, club to classical, country to Cantonese, all styles of music are represented. Many of the presenters are themselves musicians, and local music and performers are well represented on air. ICR also promotes live music events around the Town’s venues, including a monthly gig at the University’s Cult Café.

ICR’s speech programming is similarly diverse; many of our communities for whom English is a second language, are represented with their own programmes. The LBGT community and our local feminist society, among others, have a voice with specialist programmes too.  ICR offers its own professional standard training course, so anyone with an idea for a show could get on air. 

The station received its first full Ofcom licence 10 years ago, and with that, a permanent FM frequency for the Ipswich area: 105.7.  That broadcasting licence has just been renewed for the next 5 years, ensuring ICR’s spot on the dial until 2022.

The future for ICRfm is exciting; a new partnership with Film Suffolk offers a work space in the Turret Lane building to local film makers, and the station is beginning pop-up broadcasting for some breakfast shows in locations across the town, including the La Tour Cycle Café and the Cult Café.

As well as members’ subscriptions and grant aid, ICR gets revenue from advertising which can be arranged at very advantageous rates.

Listen to Ipswich Community Radio on 105.7fm, online at www.icrfm.com, or via the Radioplayer & Tune In apps.  ‘Listen again’ or sample ICR’s output, through the link from the website.

To enquire about volunteering positions or advertising possibilities, email ICR on directors@icrfm.co.uk