Fabulous Fashion for Less!

Venue : Cake & Catwalk, St Peters Street, Ipswich
Timing : Weekend Morning


The Saints is a very endearing shopping area and the ambience that it emits is enchanting & endearing.  Cake & Catwalk occupies a deceptive shop front, as the venue stretches back and is well-stocked and welcoming.  SCORE 5/5


The lady who appeared to be the owner welcomed me as soon as I entered the shop and I felt at ease with the surroundings and the impression that I would not be ‘pounced upon’ during my visit.  SCORE 5/5


I was invited to browse around the shop and at no point did I feel that I would be ‘sold to’…but that I would be welcome to peruse the goods on offer at my leisure.  After a few minutes, my host did enquire if I needed any assistance and this is exactly what I would expect from a boutique of this nature.  SCORE 5/5


The shop is well stocked with varied items;  bags, clothing, jewellery, scarves, belts and everything looks as though a great deal of thought has gone in to its selection.  As with all good independent fashion retailers, I got the impression that I wouldn’t bump in to many people wearing the same thing on my next girlie night out, such was the diversity of the brands and the presumed sourcing.  My lady assistant had a great knowledge of her jewellery.  When ushered to some “posh” stock, despite my thought that this would be the expensive end of the range, I was pleasantly surprised with the very reasonable pricing policy.  SCORE 4.5/5


Often when I walk in to a supposed ‘independent’ fashion retailer, I am met with the usual high street brands; just displayed with more pizazz and at a higher price.  Cake & Catwalk does indeed boast some familiar labels, but certainly not to the extent that I could park up at the local ‘mall’ and find the same for cheaper.  The attitude of my genial host was spot-on and the immediate professional familiarity cannot usually be found in the high-street chains.  This lady was obviously part of the beating heart of these trading streets and her passion was clear.  SCORE 5/5


As previously mentioned, at no point did I feel that I would ‘have’ to buy something out of any sheer sales persistence.  There was no push to close a sale with me and this would lead me to return and more importantly; want to return.  SCORE 4.5/5


The shop was fresh, clean & inviting.  The goods were well-displayed, attractive and varied.  The welcoming feel of the shop was what I would have expected from the overall location, but executed well.  SCORE 5/5

The Saints is a retail area that every town should aspire to show off; artisan, cool, chic, independent & inviting.  Cake & Catwalk is a jewel in the Saints’ crown and embodies everything that independent fashion retail is about.  If indeed my lady host was the owner, then she personifies great retail….if she was a member of staff, then the owner should be proud that the shop is being represented in such an excellent way.

SCORE 4.9/5