Where are we going, and why?

Nowadays, us humans love nothing more than discovering a new culture, language or environment. So where are we going and why? 

The Party Holiday

The classic 18-30 party holiday is one that will remain within the travel world. People want the opportunity to get away from their studies or work and have a great time with friends in the sun. The Greek Islands and Balearics will always be popular for this type of holiday. It’s easy and affordable and you know the party scene will not be a disappointment. 

However people are venturing further and looking for more when it comes to booking a holiday. The idea of going somewhere ‘different’ and doing something ‘different’ on your holiday is the experience students are chasing. For example; festivals including Hideout in Croatia and Oktoberfest in Munich, provide that extra sense of uniqueness and help create that WOW memory.

The Gap Year/s

When we think of travelling we think of money. We think about how can we afford to travel without having to work for the next 3 years to save up enough money to do it. This is no longer the case. We don’t need to spend a lot of money to go travelling; travelling is accessible to all, even students! The idea of the ‘gap year’ has always been around and is definitely more popular now than ever. Students are graduating from university, are leaving college or school and are curious to explore the world. We are combining travelling with work or education. Popular destinations include Australia, USA, New Zealand and Canada. 

Speaking from experience, working in such destinations provides you with the opportunity to immerse yourself within the culture and ‘live like a local’. Additionally it gives you the opportunity to earn money and explore, whether it is whilst you are living within that country, or after your work experience. For example, lots of people either travel on their way to their Australian destination, or on their way home. They visit other destinations including Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Bali and Hong Kong. A great way to do this is with a tour and there are numerous young travel companies (G Adventures, Contiki, Gecko) which offer the opportunity to visit particular places you may not have even heard of, as most tours are lead by locals who know the destinations inside out. That way you won’t miss anything! 

On the other hand people are saving to do that bigger ‘once in a lifetime trip’. South America has become very popular with the student population. They want to trek the Inca Trail, mingle with the Amazon locals on their jungle homestay and party at the Rio de Janeiro Carnival. 

City Breaks

For those who don’t wish to travel so far and need that weekend away from the stress of studying, we recommend a European city break. They are easy to travel to, cost effective and interesting. Destinations such as Barcelona, Krakow, Reykjavik and Marrakech, are some of the popular city breaks students are exploring and we highly recommend these here at TravelQuest. 

To Summarise

All these opportunities are affordable and adventurous; something students are looking for in order to escape the ‘everyday life’ and their ‘predictable routine’. The chance to ‘step out of reality’ and get this new exciting perspective on life, before venturing out into the world of full time work.  People are looking to find the Earth’s secret wonders. We aspire to collect these incredible experiences, create memories and become storytellers. 

Remember the quality of an experience isn’t attached to a price tag. 

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