The Quay to a Happy Easter

For some of us Easter is one of the highlights in the calendar and often for very different reasons.

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Children (and school staff) look forward to time off. For some of us it means a longer weekend with the two extra bank holidays. And for many our mood can lift with lengthening days and the extra sunlight…chocolate springs to mind too!

Easter can also have its drawbacks as parents juggle time off to cover childcare, there may be added pressure on the finances with those extra days out or a trip away. Even the extra cost and pressure of entertaining friends and family may create a feeling of stress or anxiety.

Being stretched and stressed though are not the same. Sometimes you hear people saying that a little stress keeps people on their toes – particularly when referring to a workforce, perhaps. The only reward you get for dealing with stress is that it goes away. Stretch, however, is different. Being stretched, learning new skills or discovering new information, is important for getting our need for achievement met. 

Learning to recognise the difference and being able to manage our thoughts and feelings when being stretched, can help us cope with difficult situations or a time of extra busyness enabling us to maintain a balance with our wellbeing and prevent an escalation of the feelings which may lead to stress.

If you feel overwhelmed when faced with a list of jobs, a simple thing like tackling one task at a time, if you can, and alternating dull tasks with an interesting one can make all the difference!   

It can also be helpful to think of something you have done that you feel proud of; reminding yourself of what you have achieved can be a real boost.

It can also, of course, be useful to share problems with someone else if you feel able to.

Not forgetting the chocolate… with hot cross buns and Easter eggs everywhere at the moment it is also important to remember the impact of what we eat and drink and how this affects our emotional wellbeing. Eating the right foods with the right nutrition is good for both our physical and emotional health, but we often resort to unhealthy options to lift our mood when we feel lonely, stressed, bored or anxious.   

During April, we are going to be exploring the relationship between food, drink and emotional wellbeing at Quay Place and will be holding a free information session on Thursday 27th April at 6.00pm. If you would like to find out more do get in touch.

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