Q&A with UoS President Rachel Gilbey

rachel gilbey, university of suffolk students union

Full name – Rachel Julie Gilbey

Age - 24

Occupation – President of the University of Suffolk Students’ Union

What occupation did you dream of growing up – Being a Midwife

What was the last photo that you took on your ‘phone – A photo of the turf being laid outside the University building! Sounds strange but part of my ‘Bench Watch’ photos for students!

What was the last music that you purchased/downloaded – I downloaded Ed Sheeran’s new album on Spotify!

You go to a restaurant that serves every cuisine in the world, what starter do you order – Bruschetta

What was your first thought when you woke up this morning – I wonder if the dog’s awake?

What was the last thing that you bought for less than £20 – McDonald’s…. The monopoly has just come out- I can’t help myself!

Bungee, parachute, skydive or terra firma – Skydive! I’ve done one before and LOVED it

How much money would tempt you on to a reality show and what would the show be – I would love to go on Bear Grylls – The Island! I’m not sure how much money I would need but I would definitely need lots of yummy food after!

If you could have personally witnessed an historic event, which event would it have been – In the crowd for Martin Luther King Jr’s ‘I have a Dream’ speech.

Your signature dish – Currently it’s nachos!

Last book that you couldn’t put down – Malorie Blackman – Noughts and Crosses

The one word that describes you best – Ambitious