Hughes | Student Life Tech Expert

Student Life is proud to announce its latest partnership.  Looking after everything ‘TECH’ for us from here on in, will be Hughes.  

Staff at Hughes know a thing or two about advising and helping customers, as the brand has been providing expert advice and service for nearly 100 years and strives to create a warm and welcoming environment in all of its stores.  In the hot seat for April is Southern Area & SmartHome Manager, Ashley Shorey-Mills.

The world of technology and more importantly home technology, is a wonderful place. We have come such a long way in such a short period of time.  

Whether it is watching content from hundreds of countries across the world from the comfort of your living room, telling your coffee machine to make you a Latte whilst you are still in bed, or simply being able to video call a relative on the other side of the world, technology has changed our lives as we know it.  However, we also know, as wonderful as it is, it can be confusing knowing what technology to choose.  This is where we come in….

We are the largest independent electrical retailer in East Anglia and possibly the UK.  We have been on your high streets for 96 years and currently have over 40 locations in which to look after you.  Our aim is to advise you on the world of technology.  It could be the humble washing machine, the big smart TV, or even the latest innovation in ironing; we are here to help and assist you to make sure you rent or buy the correct item, first time.  

As a company, we are quite unique compared to the other retailers out there for you to choose from (both in shops and on line).  We not only sell electrical goods, we also rent them.  Not only this, but we have a full installation and service infrastructure to ensure that you are not left without support, after you have taken delivery of your goods from us.  We also have a business to business division, designed to help traders with their projects and even a smart home division that is a specialist in the rapidly growing world of “the connected home”.  This part of the electrical world we are now entering into is the most exciting, but also possibly a most nervy time for purchasers.  For years we have survived with the same old lighting and heating systems.  We have been happy watching TV in one room without the need to stop it and then watch it, seamlessly, in another. However, the development of what is possible, not only for gadget fans, but also for ‘normal people’, has been dramatic.  Why should you come home from work to a freezing cold house?  Why can’t you turn the heating on, before you get home late after the train was delayed?  Why can’t the oven already be pre-heating?  Why can’t your favourite music switch on automatically, the moment you walk in the front door?  Why do you have to survive with poor Wifi in some rooms of the house, whilst the living room is perfect?  From the most every day scenarios, to an idealistic type of living……… we have a solution that we can suit perfectly to your lifestyle.

Over the coming months of ‘Student Life’, I will be here to talk about the developments in technology, the new and exciting products that are available, but also the common issues people face when purchasing everyday items.  Our aim is always to give the right advice and so hopefully, the information that I can share each month will help you when making decisions on what to rent or purchase.  I will also be looking to carry out Q&A’s via social media and of course, we are always happy to see anyone at our stores in the town centre, Felixstowe Road, or Martlesham Heath.