"Everything you need to get to a healthier place."


The gym is located in a welcoming redbrick building overlooking the water.  Signage is clear and the external areas are all clean & tidy.  The stroll along the marina to get from my apartment to the venue was very pleasant, as was the fact that I didn’t need to worry about parking.  SCORE 5/5


The entrance is controlled by key-fob entry, so there is a bell for visitors.  Within 20 seconds of pressing the button, I was warmly greeted by a young lady called Ivika and invited inside.  SCORE 4.5/5


I enquired about membership and was immediately invited in to a small office just inside the entrance, where a few of my personal details were requested.  This was to be expected and not onerous.  These were written on to a professional looking enquiry form and I was then offered a tour of the facilities.  SCORE 5/5


Having been a member of various gyms in the past and discussing alternative venues with friends on a fairly regular basis, I am well aware of the different atmospheres that can be found in gyms.  Anything from peace & quiet in a smaller gym, to testosterone fuelled grunting in a predominantly male, free weight using location - can quickly determine a decision on whether to become a member, stay a member or even ever return!  There were only a few people at Anytime Fitness on my visit, but it was evident to me that the gym would have the right atmospheric mix even when busier.  This thought was enhanced by Ivika telling me that there was a membership ‘cap’, so as to ensure the best experience for all.  SCORE 5/5


Ivika showed me around the extensive ground floor facilities, which included free weights & cross-trainers.  There is also a good sized-studio for staging various classes and I was interested to learn that the spin classes are held virtually, with bikes set out and then a screen deployed, with a virtual trainer putting you through your paces.  Upstairs, was equally impressive, with 2 state of the art Wattbike trainers and a cool down/stretch area.  SCORE 5/5


At the time of my visit (late March), there was a £3 discount on membership fees for Waterfront residents and the offer of a 1-day free trial pass at the gym.  There was also an offer of a free ‘goody bag’ and Ivika explained that offers tend to change monthly.  I was intrigued that there wasn’t an attempt to try to ‘close’ me on becoming a member there and then. SCORE 4/5


Ivika was knowledgeable, friendly, professional & courteous and the venue was spotlessly clean & tidy.  All of the equipment seemed in excellent working order and no machinery was unavailable/out of order.  SCORE 5/5