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With the relationship now firmly established, our editorial deputy Steve Johnson, explains the process behind the blossoming partnership between Waterfront Life and the University of Suffolk.

As any Editor will explain…requesting, producing & editing articles of interest to the publication’s readership & demographic is a very challenging role and whether that be for a national newspaper or a regional lifestyle brand, the challenge is the same.  It is all about reader engagement.  

Photo courtesy of Phil Grayston of Bond Bryan Architects

Photo courtesy of Phil Grayston of Bond Bryan Architects

So, when the team at Waterfront Life sat down and discussed the immediate success that befell the brand, we knew that, not only had we found a gap in the proverbial market, but that we had a duty to establish that brand firmly and by adhering to the principles that had served us so well to that date.  If we were truly to make a difference to - and improve - the communication between residents, commerce, the local authorities and other strategic neighbours, then we had to move swiftly in the right circles.  

The University was an entity that had grown up alongside the developing Waterfront, but still seemed ‘off limits’ to anyone other than its student population and this didn’t seem right.  Did the Uni know this thought pattern of the residents?  In any event, did the Uni want to do anything about it?  Thankfully and fairly obviously, the answers were “no” and “yes”!

….and so began the networking.  

Following meetings and emails, emails and meetings, the development of Student Life began.  We weren’t about to reinvent the wheel, we were about to further our cause of ‘reader engagement’.  We broke down our thoughts in to 6 categories; Beauty, Fashion, Finance, Health, Tech & Travel and over the coming months, we will grow these areas in print & digitally in to strongholds, where students and other readers alike can access help, advice… & tricks and communicate directly with our expert partners.

Over the page, you will have your first introduction to our Travel Partner – Travel Quest, part of the Fred Olsen brand and introductions to our other expert partners including, Hughes (TECH) & Fashion Candy (FASHION) will follow in upcoming magazines and online.

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