Quiet Please

Rebecca is 21 years old and has been studying at the University of Suffolk for nearly 3 years. Rebecca decided to get involved with Student Life to help people have a better understanding of Uni life and to enjoy her newly discovered passion for writing.

So…finding the best place to study can be hard, right? Well it doesn’t have to be at all! 

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right place for you. What is right for one individual may not necessarily be right for another.

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As a third-year student, I feel like I have tried many places to study with so many pieces of advice from others, but the best piece of advice I can give is find what’s right for you! 

In Ipswich, there are quite a few places that are good to study, I find personally switching places every few hours or so gives me a chance to have a break and come back with a fresh head. 

Small coffee shops along the Waterfront can be nice places to study; with good views and the hustle and bustle of everyday life and the bonus of coffee! If you are an evening student and revising at night is your thing, then the Waterfront building is open for UOS students 24hrs a day! With your headphones in, being at the University building may just help find those extra words or added hours of revision time that may not have happened at home due to the distractions that can be there. 

In the Summertime, the park can be a nice break away from home.  With study notes in hand, a trip to the park sitting in the sunshine can feel like bliss.

What is important to remember is that whether you end up at a café, in the library, or at home hidden away in your bedroom/office, it must be the right place for you; a mixture of inside and out can sometimes be good.  A few hours in the library then back home can really make a day of studying more enjoyable, but do what your mind is telling you! If one place works then great - but don’t be afraid to try something new!