Behind The Scenes at The Salthouse

In The Kitchen

Our editor Richard Stewart introduces ‘The Man in White’

Spend time with the Salthouse’s head chef Chris McQuitty and it is impossible not to completely buy-in to his infectious enthusiasm for the role that he has held for almost 4 years.  The 27 year old boasts a solid background in cooking; trained to Michelin star level and having also worked in establishments with 2 AA Rosettes, Chris rose quickly through the ranks in the Waterfront’s prestigious hotel’s kitchen.

He eagerly recounts his formative years in cooking, which were made even more enjoyable by being staged in Australia & Asia; one of Chris’ highlights……being able to say that he worked “in an Italian restaurant, under an English chef, in Australia”!

It was during this culinary upbringing that Chris was taught lessons that he would develop through his own career; phrases such as “the right ingredients don’t need too much attention” & “the quality will speak for itself” are mantras that Chris now holds very dear.  Listening to the young chef talk about the early days of learning to cook organic, rustic fayre with an Italian theme, it’s hard to control the onset of a rumbling stomach, especially as it’s 5.30pm and the kitchen is in full swing, readying itself for dinner service.

Seasonality is key to Chris’ regularly changing menus and he enthuses about his working relationships with a Felixstowe fisherman, a Saints butcher and a local farmer, from whom he takes inspiration due to the freshness, locality and passion experienced throughout these elements of his supply chain.

In short, Chris is a credit to his profession and to his employers and whether it’s strawberries, asparagus, beef, fish or baby vegetables, whatever you order at the Salthouse Eaterie will be served up with a dash of everything that is great about a head chef & kitchen team at the top of their game.

In the office

Our editor Richard Stewart introduces ‘The Man in Black’

Diogo Abreu has been General Manager of the Salthouse for nearly 5 years and leads the team that has established the hotel as one of the finest luxury hotels in the East of England.

Diogo started his career at the sister hotel; The Angel in Bury St Edmunds and worked his way up through the bar, as restaurant manager and then Assistant Manager, before coming to Ipswich to head up the operations at the Salthouse. 

Diogo’s skills in food and beverage have elevated the Salthouse not only to a most striking hotel with great views of the Waterfront, but also arguably the top restaurant in Ipswich - for residents and guests alike. 

Born in Porto, Portugal, Diogo has a passion for his native Country’s wine as well as the local football team FC Porto!  He is also kept very busy at home; looking after his 3 young children, including Luana who was born just last November.