A Pub With A Renowned Heritage


In an era where the good old, local public house is receiving negative press for the amount of closures in its business category, over the coming months, Waterfront Life will try to introduce some close neighbours to our readers amongst other mystery shopping visits. This month sees our colleague – Andy – checking out The Plough.



The pub has undergone a refit in recent months and the exterior appearance is similar to the previous offering, but is cleaner & smarter.  The location isn’t the most desirable in the area, being right on top of the bus station, but the building appeals and wouldn’t look out of place in one of our local villages.  SCORE 4/5


The pub seems a little unsure as to what demographic it’s trying to reach.  The menu boards & signage are too corporate in their appearance & the over-advertising of discounted drinks is somewhat outdated.  However, the seating areas have been refurbished and are varied & welcoming.  The greeting from the bartender was warm and genuine.  SCORE 3.5/5


There seemed to be 3 staff members serving behind the bar and this was perfectly adequate for the time of day and the number of customers.  The bar was read well, in that I was served in the correct turn and promptly.  The attitude was good, albeit slightly rushed.  SCORE 4.5/5


The demographic seems mixed and although fairly quiet at the time of the visit, there was a good atmosphere.  The venue seems to be trying to attract all age ranges and this was borne out by the customers in the pub at the lunchtime in question.  SCORE 4.5/5


There is a large range of beers, lagers, wines & spirits and all seem sensibly priced, with various offers on display.  There is plenty of choice of packet bar snacks and a varied food menu.  All food that I witnessed coming out of the kitchen, looked plentiful and fresh, despite adhering to the obvious & typical choices.  SCORE 4.5/5


The gents’ toilet is conveniently located at the end of the bar on the ground floor.  The area was clean & tidy and seemed to be checked up on fairly regularly.  SCORE 4/5


The pub was always going to score well here, as the openly announced six figure refurbishment programme has only recently been completed.  Everywhere is well presented and the décor is fresh and contemporary.  The seating is good quality with a good choice of table set-ups.  SCORE 5/5

A pub with a renowned heritage in the area, The Plough has definitely needed a refurbishment for some considerable while and the ‘new’ venue doesn’t disappoint.  Whilst a little bit too corporate for my liking, the pub does still manage to hold on to the ‘local’ feel that it has a reputation for, but this is now delivered vastly better than at any time I can remember.