Some things are worth the wait

As suggested in previous Waterfront Life articles, timing for the Winerack is something that has proven difficult to determine.  Due to the nature and complexities of the many contracts and the sheer amount of external companies involved to develop and complete the building, each tiny step of progress is essential to form the bigger and overall picture.  Each one of these steps is not to be underestimated.  The detailing and efforts by everyone involved is not something that can be fast-tracked.  With the innovative structure of the funding to enable the scheme to get up on its feet, every aspect of the development has to be scrutinised and the knock-on effect of this means that we all have to have a little more patience for a little more time. 

artists impression

artists impression

This said, as reported in the past, the development will happen and developer John Howard from Ipswich Wharf Developments which has been spearheading the project, said: “We are in the final stages of agreeing contracts with the builder and they should be signed imminently with a view to still getting underway in January 2018, as initially predicted. 

It has been a long time coming, and we have all worked very hard to bring the project to life. 

“A bit more patience is required but we are getting very close.” 

In the interim and prior to the official launch, those with an appetite for Waterfront life can register their interest in the Winerack apartments by visiting

and completing the contact form.  All email addresses and enquiries will be captured and added to a database and once the scheme goes live, all those who have expressed intrigue will be contacted individually and given the opportunity to peruse the plans and development details.  

Those wishing to buy off-plan to ensure they secure the apartment of their choice, can do so by reserving with a reservation fee to take the apartment off the market and exchange contacts within a stipulated timeframe. Legal completion will be as soon as the apartment has received the necessary sign-offs, including building regulation certification. 

Look out for details of where and when you can find the Winerack sales office open and when the brochure will be available, in the next issue. 

We’ll be ‘topping out’ in no time…