Separating A Less Painful Way

Separating from your partner is rarely a pain free experience. There is the emotional angst, and if you have lived together,  more than likely there will be other things to resolve. For instance, who should have what from the home, and if you own your home; how the proceeds might be shared between you. If you have children together, there will be their needs to sort out too. When are they going to spend time with you both? Where will be the primary home? How are you going to parent them together now you are apart?  Along with all this is the prospect of huge change in your life and the uncertainty of the future. All of these things can cause untold worry in the short term. 

Invariably, people want the best outcome for their children as well as themselves, and iftruth be known most people would prefer to arrive at this point without acrimony, and as soon as practicable so everyone can move on with their lives.  Working together with a trained Family Mediator lets you both remain in control of the outcome, as both parties keep negotiating, until an agreeable compromise is reached.   

Almost without exception Mediation is a more cost effective option, whilst the mediator will charge for their time, the costs of the process are shared between you, and will be far cheaper than arguing matters out in Court; when a Judge will make a decision for you.

Brenda Head
T: 01473 849950
Brenda is a Family Mediator with almost 20 years experience in mediation alone. Prior to becoming a ediator she was a family lawyer for 25 years. She is a member of Resolution and is also qualified as a supervisor for other mediators.