Happy Birthday Dear Loveone

Cathy Frost is the owner of Loveone in St Peter’s Street, one of Ipswich’s most unique gift shops.  Cathy is also the Coordinator of The Saints Traders Group

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‘LOVEONE established 2007’ has a nice ring to it. We started out as a small market stall with a handful of products and lots of enthusiasm, and on the 3rd of November, we will be celebrating 10 years on the High Street.

To say it’s been an easy 10 years would be foolish, but I am immensely proud of what Loveone has achieved and to have been part of the regeneration of the Saints has been very rewarding.

I am often asked what qualities are needed to run your own business and for me it would be; passion, energy and tenacity. Over the last 10 years I have drawn on those 3 qualities more times than I care to remember.

To sustain any business requires commitment and drive but it is the passion that has very often seen me through. A passion for independent shops, our high streets, the community and the love of shopping and finding those product gems. I still enjoy the buzz from discovering a new artisan or some fabulous new product. The thrill of creating the perfect window display, and enjoying the many and varied conversations with customers new and old.

It does require a lot of energy though to stay on message and ride the rollercoaster of having a small shop. I have surprised myself just how much work goes on behind the scenes to run a business, especially one so public facing. 

Many people told me it wouldn’t last and that I shouldn’t bother. I think that made me even more determined. There have been many ups & downs along the way, but thanks to the many loyal customers and family & friends, we’ve hit this milestone.  

Our high streets are under immense pressure going forward; but with passion, energy and tenacity -I’m ready for the challenge. I invite you to pop along to Loveone in October and help us celebrate.   You could even start your Christmas shopping!