Rosie is 18 years old and a former student at Kesgrave High School’s 6th Form. Rosie wanted to stay involved with Student Life, as she had been part of the first steering groups. 

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Changing up from a summer wardrobe to a winter wardrobe can turn out to be pricey, especially on a student budget. There are many ways in which we can keep our summer clothes, but make them suitable for the winter season without having to completely purchase a whole new wardrobe.

One trick that I frequently use towards the winter season is adding to summer outfits! Dresses, skirts, playsuits and shorts can all be turned into perfect winter outfits with a pair of tights and a jacket. If the winter season is even colder, I often opt for very thick tights and a pair of knee-high boots to keep my legs a little warmer. 

Another similar idea I love is with ripped jeans. Ripped jeans are a staple in my wardrobe all year round, however in the winter they can make my legs quite chilly. To fix this, I often pair them with some patterned tights underneath to look fashionable and keep warm! 

Adding long sleeve tops to outfits can turn just about any summery piece into a winter favourite. For example, adding a plain white long sleeved top to a plain black cami slip dress from the summer, can instantly become a winter must-have. It looks fashionable, and adding some tights or knee high socks and Chelsea boots to it will give the perfect winter look. 

Lastly, choosing what time of year to purchase the next season’s clothes is essential when looking to save money. Many online shops and high street stores will have end-of-season sales. This is to get rid of summer stock and grab more attention to their website when the winter items start flooding in.  Even though these sites are selling off their unwanted summer stock, there will still be winter items that you can purchase whilst making the most of the discount. For example; jeans, jackets, leggings and even jumpers. These will all still be available, and will be a lot cheaper than if you were looking to buy them in the later months!